New Motorola Ad shows ‘Nothing has Really Changed Since 2007’

Hello Moto…

Moto loves promoting its phones, especially via videos. Well, Motorola yet again uploaded a video on YouTube that shows how the company has taken innovation to the next level. With the video, Motorola tried to show how the ‘Nothing has changed’ since 2007. The new Motorola Ad shows how company’s Moto Z series has taken innovation to a whole new level. The 1-minute video is really awesome to watch and it includes the iconic ‘Hello Moto’ phrase many times in the video. Also, you’ll see the Batwing logo in the video many times.


The models shown in the video make us think about the MotoRazr ads shown years ago. The best thing you’ll see in the ad is in the last second of the video where the ‘Lenovo’ logo appears. And below that is a line of text that isn’t visible unless you zoom or full screen the video. Here is what it says :

Moto branded products are designed and manufactured by Motorola Mobility LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenovo

new Motorola Ad shows

Well, were you thinking that Lenovo makes Moto devices? You were wrong! Motorola makes the Moto devices which really is a great thing. Thanks Lenovo for keeping the legacy of Motorola alive. ūüėÄ

VIA : TechDroider

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