Tips to Write a Good Report

Tips to Write a Good Report

During your student life, you will be asked to write a report in several cases. For some students, it is not clear what the difference between a report and an

Cokeandpopcorn alternatives

Coke and Popcorn was a TV-show and film watching website. It has gained a great popularity in a short time. The number of views was at the level of several


AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool)

What is AndroRAT? AndroRAT (Android Remote Administration Tool) is an appliance that allows you to gain remote access to any Android device directly from your personal computer. With the help

Solarmovie in 2020

Best replacements for Solarmovie in 2020

There are no doubts, that most of you have been searching for an excellent replacement for Solarmovie, because of being unsatisfied with a range of content on the platform. It’s

Tips To Score More In Class 9 Exams

It is almost every student’s dream to score good marks in the first ever board exam which is the class 10 final exams but little do they realise that the

Eidetics in Modern Technologies of Teaching

Nowadays, you can sometimes hear about the active role of eidetics in modern teaching technologies. But what is eidetics? It is a memory doctrine based on imaginative impressions, allowing to