How to Make a Folder Invisible in Windows 10

How to Make a Folder Invisible in Windows 10, You may have to hide a folder so that no one knows that it is on the computer and, in this way, that it goes completely unnoticed. This is completely possible in the Windows 10 operating system and we tell you how to get it easily.

The operating system Windows 10 is a development of the most complete and included in its tools that are unknown its existence, and that may be an appropriate option (but without many options, but with adequate solvency) to avoid having to install third-party software. An example of what we say is the application Cuttings, which offers the option of making screenshots, or options built into the development that allow you to hide folders and files.

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Hide folders in Windows 10 operating system

Here are the steps to follow to achieve the goal you have in this article, and that will allow you to hide files and folders on a computer with Windows 10. Obviously, we are not talking about the maximum possible options that offer more powerful tools that are on the market – usually paid – but for many will be more than enough:

  • Click with the right mouse over the folder to hide files Explorer Windows 10
  • The drop-down menu that appears, selects the last option that is named Properties
  • A new window appears in which you should look in the lower part of the box that is called Hidden. Select it, then click the Apply button
  • Once this is done, the folder will be hidden in the Windows 10 operating system
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The process we have indicated does not change the location of the folder in Microsoft’s development, simply what it does is that it is not visible and accessible. Therefore, the software that is associated with it, if it exists, still works without problems in Windows 10. If you are looking for a more powerful option, a software that we can recommend is AxCrypt, a development that is free and offers possibilities such as the use of encryption keys.

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