How to link Google Drive in the iOS 11 File Explorer

One of the most requested features for iOS users was a file browser that would allow them to quickly access all data stored in the internal memory of their devices without having to do it with separate applications for each type of file. Due to the nature of iOS and its closed and isolated system, this was not possible, since each application has its space and can hardly access the reserved spaces of other applications.

With the arrival of iOS 11, this has changed. Although still a closed and isolated system, applications now have shared workspaces that allow you to save data and share them easily with other applications. This has allowed Apple to create the requested File Browser, a system app that will enable us to quickly access all the data we have stored in our device in a very similar (though more limited) to as is allowed in Android.

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In addition to this, the iOS File Explorer also allows us to access the data we have stored in the cloud.

How to access Google Drive data from the iOS 11 File Explorer

iOS 11 comes with the Explorer app installed by default, so we will not have to download it from the App Store to use it. When we open it, by default the application will show us the files that we have stored in the storage memory of your device, computer by folders as we can see below.

If we open the menu on the left, we can see a menu where we will find the locations, the favorite directories and a series of sections that we can use to organize our files within this browser.

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This menu can be “edited” from the option above to the right, from where we can show or hide the different elements of the menu, such as storage in the Google Drive cloud.

Once this option is enabled, to connect to Google Drive, just click on that option that will appear in this section of the browser to see a square like the following.

From here we can manage all the Google Drive accounts we want. If we are logged in with a Google account on iOS 11, the File Browser will automatically detect it and allow us to access the files. If not, we can also add a new one from here.

Now everything’s Ready. After a few seconds, we can see how we load all the data from our Google Drive cloud.

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