Goodbye Nexus , Google Pixel and Pixel XL coming this Year!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Nexus” ? Google’s range of premium devices running stock, neat version of android without any bloatware, right ? There are rumors that you may not hear this name anymore!

If you’re an ardent follower of technology then you might have seen many websites claiming that Google is planning to scrap the Nexus brand. In case if you’re wondering that the tech giant is going to scrap its handset business then you are mistaken. It’s just that the name is being changed to something else. Something which sounds even better.

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It would be named as Google Pixel!

Sources claim that the new handsets will be manufactured under the brand name of Pixel, ending the successful legacy of Nexus devices.However, we aren’t pretty sure about this but many of our trusted sources term it true.

There are precisely two variants, which would be named as Google Pixel and Pixel XL.The Google Pixel is said to be the 5-inch version, which is the Sailfish. On the other hand, the Pixel XL is said to be the 5.5-inch Marlin.


You guys might be wondering, Will Google end the brand just like that ? or will it launch the last range of signature Nexus devices? Or is all this just a rumor ?

Only time has answers to all these questions.Few publications even suggest that the search giant is manufacturing handsets on its own by releasing a modified version of Vanilla Android.
We’re having a plethora of rumors here so we won’t jump to any conclusion right away.It won’t go well with other manufacturers as it’s always a big win for mobile manufacturers to partner with Google.

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What do you think about these rumors ? If indeed the name is changed to Google Pixel, could they have come up with a better name?
Let us know in the comments! ?

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