Samsung Galaxy S8 to Feature Dual Cameras and Iris Scanner!


Samsung Galaxy S8

Such a massive amount of leaks and renders have already given us a hint about having dual cameras on the next iPhone. As we already know, the iPhone 7 ( the ‘Plus’ variant) is going to feature the dual camera setup, and it will be confirmed very soon. Hmm… on 7th September. In case you still live in a cave, Apple has confirmed an event on 7th September, and the company will be most probably launching the iPhone 7 along with a couple of MacBooks too! Read About: The VR ready Display of Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung seems to be thinking to follow the same way. Well, S7 is here, Note 7 is here so nothing more is going to be launched this year under the premium tag by Samsung. But, we know that next year, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be unveiled. Amazingly, we have come to know that the next flagship from Samsung, i.e., the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to feature a dual camera setup. In this configuration, the one camera will be the S7’s 12MP snapper while the other being a Sony module of 13MP. Well, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched next year, but we have started getting the hints of the device! Great, Isn’t it? Also, the device will adopt the Iris Scanner from the Note 7! Indeed it will be a great device.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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Now, the main question is Why We Need Two Lenses in the Samsung Galaxy S8

So the answer is – This 12 MP + 13 MP set will likely allow for a different depth of field( In case you don’t know DOF is basically the Blurry effect in the background)  focusing and low-light soaking shenanigans, as all dual camera setups are promising.

This isn’t a very unexpected thing to get hints about a device whose launch is way too far. But, when it comes to Samsung and especially the ‘S’ series, the excitement is typical. Samsung always tries to experiment new stuff in their premium devices, and we would be expecting the same thing for the S8 also. Some previous rumors also suggest a UHD display and other interesting stuff! Frankly speaking, it will not be a right to believe on every rumor blindly so we advise you to take this one with a pinch of salt. 🙂


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