Samsung Making Changes To TouchWiz, Ditching App Drawer!

Samsung always tries to something unique and we have already seen a lot of examples of this. A new report has shown that the tech giant is testing a whole new look for its UX which also includes a revised TouchWiz.The whole process is still in its Beta mode and the update may hit the latest Galaxy devices in August. Wait! Isn’t’ Note 7 also coming in August ? This could be a big hint, though! Well, let us talk about the new design and what is different in the new TouchWiz design.



First thing first, there is not app drawer! Yes, this is actually the biggest change we will be seeing in the new TouchWiz UI. The screenshots of the new Samsung UX have revealed the same thing. So, after LG, Samsung will be ditching the app drawer. ( Why Samsung?) Apart from this, the shape of the icons has been changed to rounded square design. Some other changes are done in the Settings menu and the storage screen.As mentioned before, the biggest change done is the new UX is that there is no app drawer. The main reason could be that a large community of users in East Asia prefers smartphones without app drawer and Samsung seem to target the new UX for those users. If you remember, there are also some rumors that Google will be ditching the app drawer in the Android N! Coming to the icons, the Dialer, and the Messaging icons have got a new design and now the messaging icon has chat bubbles instead of the traditional email icon.

As mentioned earlier, the Note 7 is also tipped to launch in early August so there are some chances that the device will be launched with the redesigned TouchWiz. Well, do you think Samsung should remove the app drawer? Do let us know via comments section :D

Written by Arvind Rana

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