Survey : 40% of Current Users will Never buy another Samsung Phone


In the previous article, we told you about the report announced by Samsung today which says that about $3 Billion loss is expected in next two-quarters. We can recall the time when the company launched Note 7 and it was claimed to be the best phone of 2016. But, now the case is completely different as the device has become the reason of such a huge loss to the company. The device’s production has already been stopped as well as the sales. ( RIP Note 7). Today, a survey was done by Ecommerce Solutions that claims that about 40% of users refuse to ever buy a Samsung phone again!


Samsung Phone Survey Report

It is worth mentioning that about 1,020 consumers having a Samsung device were asked if they’ll buy a Samsung device keeping in mind the Note 7 controversy. Here is what th result of survey says :

40% of current Samsung phone owners said that they would not buy another Samsung smartphone in the future. That figure is up from the 34% who made a similar claim in the company’s first survey. Branding Brand said that 46% of respondents had become Samsung smartphone users within the past two years, while more than half — 54% — had been loyal Samsung phone owners for three years or more.

Also, when they were asked about the device they will prefer buying rather than Samsung smartphone, there were different choices :

Of those who said that they would not be purchasing another Samsung phone moving forward, 8% said they now plan to purchase one of Google’s new Pixel phones and 70% said that whatever new phone they purchase will still be an Android phone. Meanwhile, 30% said they plan to leave Android altogether and buy an iPhone.

Well, time is surely not on Samsung’s side but the company  will be back with a bang for sure with the upcoming Galaxy S8. What are your opinions about this? Do let us know via comments section. :D



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  1. Only this week I bought an S7e. Several of my family and friends have the S7 range and no one has had any issues. Therefore I took the plunge from.iphone and am delighted I have. Let’s face it any device with a battery can overheat. With their recent development and design output I cannot see them staying down for long.

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