Samsung Galaxy S8 Coming with VR-Ready 4k Display!

Galaxt S8

Samsung is on a launching spree these days, with the recent launch of its mid-range devices the Galaxy J5 and the Galaxy J7 followed by the Galaxy J2.
Now everyone must be excited as the company is all set to launch the most awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the coming week. Now , we give you one more reason to be excited. We’re already getting news and updates about the Galaxy S8.

As of now, we know that the next flagship of Samsung is codenamed as “Project dream“.

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Galaxy S8

We’re getting to know that Samsung has kept its main focus on the VR aspect.The Galaxy S8 and the edge variant are said to sport a UHD screen that is 3840x2160px. This is much higher when compared to Oculus rift’s 2160 x 1200px (combined 1080 x 1200px per eye).With a UHD screen, it’s going to be a more realistic and life-like experience!

The screen is expected to be at least 5.5″ big, to get more depth of view. 🙂

Galaxy S8

This raises some concerns because, with the usage of a UHD screen, it’s definitely going to be a battery drainer; Hence Samsung has to come up with a bigger battery for this bad boy. Also to make sure the system is smooth and to be capable of handling a UHD screen

, it has to be equipped with an advanced Processor like the Snapdragon 830 or an Exynos variant is also on the cards.

There are VR capable GPUs from Nvidia and AMD, but they won’t fit in a mobile. Rumors also suggest a standalone VR headset named “Odyssey” akin to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Well, the Codename of the Project says it all! (Dream Phone)

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