Finally Samsung Galaxy S7 Gained The Root Access!

You know what! The best thing you can do with your Android device is rooting. You can unlock the full potential of your phone. You can change the way your phone works, you can flash any custom ROM etc. But the only thing needed for it is a ‘ROOTED DEVICE’. Yes! There are advantages as well as disadvantages too of rooting your device. Wanna know more about this? You better check the article here. Almost every Android device can be rooted by different ways. But, there are some devices which can’t be rooted very easily or even cannot be rooted at all . One such example is the latest Samsung Galaxy S7.


Finally, a user has successfully rooted his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and he has posted this on XDA. Keep in mind that it is the Snapdragon 820 variant that has been rooted successfully. The user has even uploaded the video of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on YouTube as a proof. Also, he has shown through the ‘Root Checker’ that the device has been successfully rooted. The video reveals that the device is the Sprint Variant ( SM-G935P) with Snapdragon 820 SoC. If the Snapdragon variant gained root access, then there are chances for the Exynos variant too!

Samsung Galaxy S7

Also, keep in mind that there are still some bugs in the root access. The user himself has revealed it in the description of the video. Also, if he is able to root the device, then it doesn’t mean that every single S7/S7 Edge user can root him/her device. Well, still this is a great news, especially for the Geeks out there who want to explore their device in more detail. Here is the video posted by the user on YouTube-


Well, We will surely keep you updated if more information reaches us. Keep Visiting :D

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