2017 Roadmap of Moto reveals Moto X is Coming!

That’s a really great news :D

Lenovo will now launch phones under ‘Moto’ branding. That’s obvious because the Moto phones receive so much attention as compared to other Lenovo devices. So, now it is the time to say that – ‘Get Excited World, Moto is here’. A user on Google Plus named HelloMotoHK has today revealed something that will make all the Moto fans extremely happy ( If it comes out to be true!). The roadmap of 2017 has been leaked by him which reveals what devices Lenovo will launch under Moto branding.


Moto X

The list of devices includes Moto E, Moto G, Moto Z etc. Well, these would be probably the next-gen devices just like previous phones. The list also includes a name of the device that we all are waiting for! The Moto X! Yes, the Moto X is there in the list which means Lenovo will launch the new and upgraded variant of Moto X in 2017. Another device that is new in the list is the Moto C and we cannot yet say if it would be a low-end or a high-end phone. Whatever it is, we are surely gonna see new Moto phones. Here is the complete list :

  1. Moto Z – Motorola
  2. Moto X – Lenovo
  3. Moto M – Lenovo
  4. Moto G – Motorola / Lenovo
  5. Moto E – Lenovo / ODM
  6. Moto C – Lenovo / ODM

As you can read, Moto Z and Moto G will come under Motorola branding whereas the Moto X, M, E and C will be named under Lenovo.So, the most popular series of phones i.e Moto G and Z will be designed and manufactured by Motorola and rest will be done by Lenovo. Well, until now you probably have got the idea why so many devices are going to launch next year. Because Moto is here. :)


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