Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Exploding!

We all know Samsung’s flagship of the year 2016, i.e., the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is exploding everywhere when putting to charge. But, there was no reason behind this issue until today when Samsung explained it briefly on its UK website.

The overheating of the battery occurs when the anode and cathode come in contact which is a very rare error ever seen in Samsung or any other smartphone company.

Also, Samsung has revealed the number of explosions taken place, 35 in the customer service center, 17 in Korea 17 in the United States and hopefully only 1 in Taiwan. The company, however, said that “there have been no reported injuries globally.”

But, Samsung declined to point out whether it was the Samsung’s SDI batteries or not. When asked they just said, ” Unfortunately we will not be able to confirm this as we work with several suppliers.”

There are some question and answers to why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is exploding are listed on the site:

Q. Is this considered a Recall?
A: Although this is isolated to a battery cell issue, we are prioritizing the safety of our customers first so, we are voluntarily replacing Galaxy Note7 devices with a new one.

Q. What action can customers take who do not feel comfortable with their current Galaxy Note7 before the replacement takes place?
A: Customers in the UK who have concerns with their current Galaxy Note7 device are encouraged to contact Samsung customer services team on the UK: +44 (0)330 7261000 Ireland: +353 (0)16950367.

Q. What is the issue?
A: Based on our investigation, we learned that there was a problem with the battery cell. An overheating of the battery cell occurred when the anode-to-cathode came into contact which is a very rare manufacturing process error.

Q. How many issues of Note 7 Exploding have been reported so far, and in which countries?
A: Globally, as of September 1, there have been 35 cases that have been reported through Samsung’s customer service centers. Korea reported 17 cases; U.S. reported 17 cases and one from Taiwan.

Q. Are the reported incidents increasing daily?
A: No, as of September 1, there have been 35 cases, with none reported in the UK. We do not expect the incident rate to grow.

Q. What measures are you taking to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Can you ensure that the newly replaced devices will not experience the same problem?
A: We are working with multiple suppliers to ensure we conduct a rigorous inspection process, and we do not anticipate any further battery issues.

Q. Was anyone hurt?
A: There have been no reported injuries globally.

Q. Several Korean media articles identify Samsung SDI as the supplier of battery that is experiencing the issue? Can you confirm this?
A: Inorder to meet market demands, we are working with multiple providers. Unfortunately, we will not be able to confirm this as we work with several suppliers. We are currently working with all of them to protect our customers’ safety first and foremost.

Q. Is the incident only limited to Galaxy Note7? What about other mobile device models and their batteries?
A: This is only limited to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Each model has a different design and manufacturing process.

Q. Is this a problem with the phone itself or with the battery only?
A: This is not a device issue. The problem is isolated to the battery cell only.

Q. Is the recent Galaxy Note7 shipment delay worldwide? What markets are impacted and for how long do you anticipate the delay will occur?
A: Yes, we have stopped sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This will cause a delay in shipments in the UK, but we are prioritizing the safety of our customers first.


Written by Amit Arora

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