Quadrooter Flaws : Over 1 Billion Android Devices Affected!

Android is the most popular Operating system in the world, but you probably shouldn’t confuse between ‘Popularity’ and ‘Security’! Android is the most vulnerable to flaws and today we have a crucial news for all Android users out there. If your device is powered by a Qualcomm chipset, you’re susceptible to the newly found Quadrooter Flaws. Now, Qualcomm chipset is present in almost 7 out of 10 devices so you can imagine how serious these flaws are! So, what are Quadrooter Flaws? How they affect the OS? How will you be able to check whether your device is affected or not? Well, all these questions will be answered here, so you better keep reading!



As we’re saying ‘Flaws,’ it is a group of 4 vulnerabilities that are, at present affecting almost 1 Billion devices running Google’s Android Operating System. No matter if you have the latest Security Patch, your device is at the same risk as other phones are! Here is how these flaws work, according to ZDNet

An attacker would have to trick a user into installing a malicious app, which unlike some malware wouldn’t require any special permissions. (Most Android phones don’t allow the installation of third-party apps outside of the Google Play app store, but attackers have slipped malicious apps through the security cracks before.) If any of the flaws are successfully exploited, an attacker can gain root access, which gives the attacker full access to an affected Android device, its data, and its hardware — including its camera and microphone.



Fortunately, there is a very simple method to check whether your device is affected by these vulnerabilities or not. All you have to do is download the QuadRooter Checker from Play Store. With this simple but useful app, you will be able to check the flaws in your phone. For your information, even the latest devices like S7 and Note 7 are affected by the Quadrooter Flaws! Also, the Blackberry DTEK50, so called ‘The Most Secure Phone in the World’ is affected by these vulnerabilities!

Qualcomm has said that the vulnerabilities have been fixed in the latest Security Update. But, only 3 of the four flaws have been fixed, and the 4th one is still there! The fix to this will be added in the upcoming security update coming in September. Till then, the flaw is still there to affect the devices. So, you better stay safe and don’t ever install any app from anywhere rather than Play Store. Is your device affected? Do let us know via comments :-)



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