Pixel Phones Won’t be Easy to Root!


If you haven’t rooted your phone yet, you will not know how awesome it is! You can know everything about Rooting and ROMs  Rooting allows you to do those stuff with your phone that you cannot do with a normal device. Whether it is patching apps, free in-app purchases and stuff like that, Rooting always helps. We all know Google is now focussing on security and now the company is giving the developers a kind of Root Check API. By this, the apps won’t run on an insecure phone or in other words on a rooted phone. So, rooting has harms too. But, as October 5th is approaching, the excitement for the new Google Pixel phones is increasing. But, with this excitement, we have got a bad news today, especially for developers who keep testing the phones to their limits. Rooting the pixel phones could be hardest than ever, as reported by XDA today!

Pixel Phones

Even with the Android Marshmallow, it is not easy to root. Here is a beautifully explained stuff from XDA –

If you want root today, on Android Marshmallow (6.0), you’re going to need to use a modified boot image. While it remains to be seen if this remains true indefinitely, it looks likely to be the case for some time – SELinux changes make it much harder to get root access without modifying the boot image. And as modifying the boot image requires an unlocked bootloader, this could put an end to root (and Xposed and other root features) on devices which are shipped with bootloaders that can’t be unlocked by end users. Dm-verity is also making an appearance, and it appears to be enabled in enforcing mode on new devices. That will make it hard to modify /system, even if you were to gain root access, without again having an unlocked bootloader.

So, with Android Nougat in the Pixel phones, it will be very hard to root them. In fact, the one click root methods might not work for them and the process might be very complicated! But, we cannot say that Pixel Phones won’t be rootable. No! XDA is there to help us and well, we all know that there will be soon an easy method to root Pixel phones as soon as they will be released. So, what are your thoughts on this? Do let us know via comments section. Also, you can read fully explained thing on XDA here. Don’t miss it because it is really interesting to read. :D

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