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  • 1 Million Moto Z Units Sold, Lenovo Celebrates

    Moto Z is the best device so far under Moto branding and probably one of the best smartphones of 2016. The phone is really a masterpiece and it became so much popular due to the Moto Mods. In case you still live in the cave, Moto Mods are detachable modules that are connected to the phone using […]

  • Nokia Smartphone

    This could be the Design of Upcoming Nokia Smartphone!

    Nokia is back and we all know that by now. The company has officially said that they will be launching new Android phones soon. So, we can hope that in early 2017, we’ll see new Nokia Smartphone(s). Anyways, we have so far got a few leaks and too many rumors. The Nokia D1C which created […]

  • General Mobile GM 5

    General Mobile GM 5 is the First Nougat-powered Android One Phone

    What I want from all the smartphone manufacturers are regular Android updates. Most of the times , many smartphone companies overlook their previous devices and don’t even consider to roll an update for them. That’s the main reason why we still have Kitkat as the version of Android that is running the most on Android phones. Well, […]

  • Lenovo to Launch only Moto Phones in Future?

    As you all know, Lenovo is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the country and also the continent. They’re known to target consumers, especially in the budget price segment by manufacturing value for money products. When it comes to legendary brands, Moto Phones never fails to impress us. The Atrix was released IN 2011 […]

  • Exclusive : Moto M Press Images Leaked

    Moto M is now a much-awaited device coming this month. We’ve already got a  massive amount of leaks and rumors.Today, we finally have something from the company itself. The  Moto M Press Images leaked today that removes every single doubt about the device. The new Press images or banners are in Chinese but they pretty […]

  • Report says Google Pixel Adoption is faster than Nexus 6P

    Well, Google Pixel is the best smartphone so far from Google and probably the best Android smartphone of 2016. Despite its higher price, people are going crazy for this device. Also, Google has done very massive advertisement for both of its new devices so this could be another reason of high-fi sales of the phones. […]

  • Best Smartphones Under 15000

    Best Phones Under 15000 Rs in India | November 2016

    We all love trying out new smartphones. But, a lot of people prefer not to go for a high-end phone that is out of their budget. The most popular price point where people seek to get a feature-packed device in the budget is under 15K. A couple of years back, it was a dream to […]

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