No Secondary Screen on LG V30 ?

Well, This is interesting!

It won’t be wrong to say that the LG V20 was the most underrated phone of this year. Many users will agree with this in light of the fact that because of Note 7 ( RIP Again!) and iPhone 7, the LG V20 was disregarded. Yet, many reviews have shown that it is one of the best Android phones we have seen so far in 2016. Well, the V series from LG began from the V10 that highlighted a one of a kind secondary display above the primary one from which the users could do various stuff. The V20 too accompanied a similar idea yet this time it was a little upgraded.The V20 likewise has new design and specs when contrasted with V10 which is pretty obvious. Now, it appears the LG V30 is coming next year and famous leakster Evan Blass has given an indication about the phone!

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LG V30


You serious LG? Well, all the LG fans will have the same reaction after knowing that the company is going to ditch the secondary display on V30. In a tweet on Twitter, Evan mentioned that he has the early renders of LG V30 and he also said,” Adieu, Ticker”. ( Adieu means Goodbye!) So, this surely means that LG is going to ditch the secondary ticker above the main screen on the LG V30. But, when a user asked him about what the company gonna do next, then he said, ” You have no idea what they’re replacing it with.”. Now, this really increased the excitement as it seems company will try to do something more unique this time with the V30.

LG has a good history of trying new and unique stuff like a modular phone or a secondary display etc. Now it will be really interesting to see what the company is going to bring with the LG V30. What are your thoughts? Do let us know via the comments section. :-)


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