Moto M Codenamed “Kung-Fu” to be Released Globally

Kung-Fu mmm…

Lenovo has launched quite a lot of phones this year including Moto Z series, Moto G 4th Gen devices, ZUK devices and a lot more. Now, the wait is for the Lenovo Moto M that is expected to be released very soon. Moto M will bring a new series of devices as we already have G, X, and Z series. The thing that will make this device stand out from other Moto handsets will be the location of the fingerprint scanner and the design. Recent leaks have revealed that there will be a fingerprint scanner on the rear which is different from what we have seen so far on Moto G and Z series devices.


Moto M

It was expected that this device will be China-exclusive but we’ve come to know today that Lenovo will unveil Moto M globally, which is a great thing.Anyways, other interesting stuff that we came to know about today is the codename of the device. “Kung-Fu”. Yes, “Kung-Fu” is the codenamed of the ‘coming soon’ Moto M smartphone. Sources reveal that there will be two different variants of the phone, one to be released globally while other will be China-exclusive. The model numbers will be XT1663 and XT1662 respectively.

Moto M

As far as specs are concerned, the leaks have revealed 4GB of RAM, 32GB internal Storage, 1920x1080p screen and Android Marshmallow. Techdroider has revealed that the device will be made by Lenovo so it won’t be the ‘Motorola’ Moto M for sure!  These were the specs that were leaked of the device with model number XT1662. But, another leak from GFXBench with model number XT1663 was spotted and the specs included 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, MediaTek MT6750 chipset and 4.6-inch FHD screen. Most probably, these will be the specs of the china-exclusive device because MediaTek is the largest chip manufacturer in China and the use of its chip in Moto M makes sense only if it will be launched in China. The global variant might come with Snapdragon chip and 5.5-inch screen!

Well, expectations and leaks are many and everything will be reveald only when the device will be officially launched. Till then, stay tuned for more updates :D


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