LeEco’s 8GB RAM Smartphone in Works!

The number game is going insane now! First of all, Asus surprised everyone with a 4GB RAM device in 2015. After that in 2016, it was the Vivo XPlay 5 with the 6GB of mammoth RAM. The number game seems to be continuing as OnePlus and ZUK have already launched 6GB RAM monsters! Now, a new rumor has suggested that an 8GB RAM smartphone is in works and will be launched by none other than LeEco ( formerly known as LetV). Well, that is insane and in fact totally insane. Are you kidding LeEco? An 8GB RAM smartphone? Even I don’t have this amount of RAM in my Laptop :(


8GB RAM Smartphone

Well, this isn’t it. The smartphone is also rumored to be powered by a Snapdragon 821 which is something we haven’t heard so far. Yes, there are some rumors of Snapdragon 823 in the Note 7 but the 821 sounds a bit odd! ( Seriously!) Well, we cannot say that this is totally fake because LeEco is known for its crazy implementations in its device. One such example was the USB Type-C port that was first of all introduced by LeEco in itsLe Superphone. Maybe many of you didn’t know this till now but it was LeEco which unveiled the World’s first smartphone USB Type-C port. Also, it was LeEco which was first of all rumored to come with a smartphone having 6GB RAM. So, we can expect the 8GB RAM smartphone from LeEco very soon.


The rumor suggests that there will be no newly named phone but a variant of Le Max 2 with 8GB of gigantic RAM. We expect that it could be the Le Max 2 Pro. Still there is a big question the comes to the mind after knowing this rumor- DO WE REALLY NEED A PHONE WITH 8GB OF RAM? The same question arose when 6GB RAM device was first launched. Anyways, if this actually happens then it will surely be a monster in terms of specifications. But wait! Do more RAM means more performance? Well, think about it. :D

Written by Arvind Rana

A 17-years Old Passionate Geek, Co-Founder and Senior Editor of ‘The Chipped’. An avid Real Madrid Fan and fond of writing about tech. You can follow him on his social networks :)


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  1. I don’t think 8GB of RAM is required in a mobile deivice, seriously. We are not going to play games like GTA 5, or render AE videos in any sense from a mobile deivice.
    What’s the use if having 8 balls in the pocket, when only 1 is required for playing? Ok take more 3 if in the case that the balls might lost or damage, but 8 for what? Distributing a ball to each teams in the ground?
    Oh! We can’t share Mobile RAMs. And in last a mobile is a mobile. Even a laptop works smoother with 2-4gb or RAM, then what’s the necessity of 8GB RAM in a mobile device, until it has the screen size as of laptop (which in the case of mobile would never be possible).

    Time to think over why Tech (Smartphone specifically) was invented? For saving the time (in all possible purposes), but the true fact is that youth are wasting over it.

    • Great Thought but there’s the evolution as we say, maybe no more PCs and you said right we don’t render AE videos but what if a month later we come up with that too? We never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Anyways 8gb RAM is a bit too much as we speak. Thanks for your opinion, Keep Visiting

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