iPhone 7 : Everything You Need To Know

With just one month away from the new iPhone 7, our ears can’t stop hearing things. From the new iOS 10 with all its exciting features to the new iPhone 7 with its new features. The interesting fact is that this is the 10th iPhone model so that Apple might be doing something special for this.

The new iPhone is said to have a new screen, exclusively thin, with no headphone jack, you heard that right, the iPhone 7 coming in September is said to have no headphone jack. So Bluetooth audio is what is left for the people to use. But this here, gives us the idea, the concept that the new iPhone 7 is going to be fragile, which in fact is going to make it premium.

Also, Read About the RAM iPhone 7 is getting! That’s 3GB of RAM

iPhone 7 and curve?


As the heading suggests, Apple is probably going to adopt what Samsung did long ago, making edge phones and the interesting fact is Apple is going to take the display from Samsung itself. Bit odd isn’t it?

Nevertheless, this iPhone is set to have an amazing Touch ID sensor, even faster than that of iPhone 6s, you wonder the speed now.

Talking of the Touch ID sensor, the home button, rumours say, the home button that the people love is getting removed, and there will be a touch home button instead. Which can be beneficial as well as non-beneficial, or for Apple but for the people itself? Even at the slightest of damage to the downer part of the home screen, we may not be able to use the home button and in the iOS 10, we have to unlock by the home button only, but too sophisticated isn’t it?

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