Google’s Nexus Smartwatch in the Market?

Last week, we addressed the upcoming Nexus phones which are going to launch in coming months.

But it looks like Google has lot more surprise in the house for us.
Google is planning to increase the aura of its Nexus brand which won’t just be limited to smartphones anymore.

Any Guesses?
It’s going to launch its new range of Android Wear devices.

A Nexus smartwatch?

Android Police has leaked new renders of Google’s smartwatches.According to the inputs, there won’t be just one, but Google has planned a Double-Dhamaka for us

Google fans can rejoice because there shall be two google smartwatch variants, the smaller one is codenamed as “Swordfish” and the higher one is dubbed as “Angelfish.”

The larger and more advanced variant is said to have a sim card slot. Hence, it can be used without the need for a smartphone.
Since this is going to be Google’s first range of smartwatch we can expect it to be packed with the coolest of features.

Companies like Intex, Motorola, and Samsung will have a tough time as the competition here is going to rise.If it’s going to be priced low, then it may pose a threat to smart bands as well.
These are just the initial

renders, as of now we don’t know much about its features.

Google-WatchDo you use any smartwatch?If yes, what features you look forward to and which shall make you consider worth upgrading your present one.

Let us know in the comments.

Written by Amit Arora

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