Cortana comes Pre-installed on the Xiaomi Mi Mix

This makes it the one of the first Android phones with built-in Cortana

Whether it is Android, iOS or Windows, one thing that is very common is a virtual assistant built-in. For example, there is Google Assistant on the Pixel, Siri on iPhones & Cortana on Windows devices. If you recall, a few weeks ago, the beautiful Xiaomi Mi Mix was launched that stunned everyone with its amazing screen to body ratio. The company bought almost 1,500 Patents from tech giant Microsoft and in return, Xiaomi added some Microsoft apps on the Mi Mix. In case you don’t know, Microsoft Office comes pre-installed on the device along with the Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant, Cortana.


Cortana on Xiaomi Mi Mix

But, in case you’re thinking that the Xiaomi Mi Mix is the very first phone with Cortana, then you’re wrong. The OnePlus 2 received the Cortana via the new CyanogenMod update this year. But, if we talk about a non-windows device with Cortana running out of the box, then Mi Mix is the very first. Just as we say ‘Ok Google’, the Mi Mix users can use Cortana by saying ‘Hey, Cortana’.

Hey! Are you Mi Mix user? Then do tell us via comments section how will you use Cortana on your phone. ( Or Are you planning to uninstall it, if it is possible?).

SOURCE – GSMArena, VIA : WinFuture

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