Canadian Carrier Bell Leaks Google Pixel & Pixel XL in Black & White!

Woah Woah!

Just an hour ago, we told you about Spigen case of the Google Pixel XL that was spotted on Amazon ( and is still there). Well, as expected, the leaks aren’t ending and this time, a Canadian carrier, Bell has accidentally leaked the upcoming Google Pixel in white. We can say that this happened accidentally because the page on which the phone’s image is spotted, is actually the page for pre-ordering Samsung Note 7.

Well, without any more words, just look at the image yourself. This could be the first official image of the device! Have a look :

Google Pixel


Another image of the device has been accidentally revealed in Black color. This time, the page is for pre-ordering the Google Pixel XL and it greets us with a beautiful image of  Pixel XL. Have a look :

Google Pixel

So, do you still think we are done with all the leaks? Think again. Bell will probably remove the banners from the site but we have already spotted them. Anyways, Stay Tuned for more updates. :D

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