Android Nougat Coming this August, Not For Nexus 5!

Today we have a Good-News and a Bad-News. Well as all do, coming to the Good-News first! For all the people waiting for the latest version of Android i.e Android Nougat v7.0, this is gonna make them jump into excitement as the days have come near for the launch of the final version of Nougat. The search giant seems to be working very hard on pushing updates. The developer preview builds which were expected to be unveiled at the Google I/O 2016 was launched 2 months before the event.Now that the 5th and the final preview build has been released , everyone is anticipated for the Final Android Nougat Release. 🙂

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Android Nougat

A new leak by popular leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) suggests that Android 7.0 Nougat will be released next month. This is Great News for Device owners who own a nexus which was launched after the nexus 5 . Ah ok! we’re talking about Nexus 6P and 5X.


At a time this is also a bad news for people who own the Nexus 5 . The leak says that Google won’t be providing any further update to the device, which means that the Nexus 5 users will rely on Custom Roms to get Nougat on their device. 🙁


There are rumors that Android Nougat will have something known as the seamless update feature . It uses the second partition to download and simply switching over to it once it’s done without a longer wait period.There is also a multi-language support . This makes it easier for people with all languages apart from English. Nexus 6P Beta Testers got to experience new features like the Sustained Performance Mode(SPM). It will allow developers to inform the system of the resources that an app/task will take up.etc 😀

Seems like Google has a lot of hidden things in the box for us, Stay tuned to our blog as we reveal more exciting things sooner than everyone else.(Not faster than Evan Blass though :P)

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