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    Microsoft Surface Laptop Overview, Specs and Colors (With Pictures)

    Looking for a high-performance laptop at an affordable price? Microsoft has come out with the all new Surface Laptops recently. The specifications of these laptops are mind-blowing and have amazing features along with an immense variety of color choices. There are four variants of Surface Laptops which are launched. A video uploaded on YouTube graphically represents the elegance of the Surface Laptops. So lets us take a look at all the amazing features, their configurations, and their pricing.

    #1 The basic elements in all the four variants are:

    The whole Microsoft Surface lineup is known to be built perfectly and to stand out from the others and so does the Microsoft Surface Laptop is, It is the perfect blend of Fabric, Metal, and Plastic that can one have today in Early-Mid 2017.

    The Surface Laptop is one of the most precisely built laptops that we can see but there are always some flaws or drawbacks, but we’ll only come to know about it when we use it in our daily life.

    What about the OS? Is it the Same? NO!

    Along with the Surface laptop series, Microsoft has launched Windows 10 S version which is great for schools as it will run only programs from the Windows Store and you can’t change the default browser too! You can know more about it on Microsoft’s Official Windows 10 S Product Page

    One of the Most Important factors is the Battery! Obviously

    According to Microsoft, Surface Laptops are claimed to have a battery life of 14.5hrs of Video Playback and nothing’s mentioned about the stand-by time. But I am pretty sure that the battery life would be better because of the new Windows 10 S and a Small 13.5inch display.

    No Messing with the Built Quality here!

    These laptops can be conveniently opened using a single hand.The Screen of the Surface Laptop is touchscreen but does it have a 360-degree hinge? Well, No there isn’t any tablet or tent mode happening with this laptop. The screen has a razor-sharp resolution for photographs, videos, reports, and presentations. The Screen of the laptop looks sleeker than before and better than ever. With a 13.5” PixelSense Display which is bright and easy to read from, working outside won’t be a problem. The laptop body is covered with a compact aluminum shell for extreme portability and durability that lasts. The screen of the laptop is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which does its job efficiently.

    Metal Built
    4 Color Options
    Slim and Sleek
    TouchScreen Display
    Screen with Elegance

    The keyboard of these laptops is covered in Signature Alcantara fabric. But you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty.

    But What’s So Special About the Fabric?

    This fabric is specially designed to resist spills, so you don’t have to worry about your coffee getting spilled while you work or even those dirty hand stains won’t appear pretty soon according to Microsoft but the real truth will be known only when the real reviews roll out. Microsoft has also mentioned that the fabric can be cleaned easily too in case it gets dirty.

    Wait…Where are the Speakers? No Speakers!?

    I am happy to say that the Surface Laptops are loaded with hidden Omnisonic Speakers with radiant omnidirectional sound and Dolby Audio Premium which enhance the sound quality while listening to a song or while watching a movie, etc. And guess where the speakers are? They are under the keyboard and surprisingly they sound better than expected!

    Variants and Specs You’ll Get in Microsoft Surface Laptops:-

    #1  With Intel i5 7th Gen Processor you can have an SSD of 128GB and 256GB

    The 128GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 128GB SSD.
    • 4GB RAM.
    • Intel HD Graphics 620.
    • Only Platinum Color is Available with this variant.
    • This variant Costs for 999$ and is the cheapest among all the variants.

    The 256GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 256GB SSD.
    • 8GB RAM.
    • Intel HD Graphics 620.
    • This variant has many color options which are Burgundy, Platinum, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold.
    • The price of this variant is $1,299.


    #2 With Intel i7 7th Gen Processor you can have an SSD of 256GB and 512GB

    The 256GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 256GB SSD.
    • 8GB RAM.
    • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.
    • The color choice for this variant is limited to platinum only.
    • $1,599 is the cost of this Surface Laptop variant.

    The 512GB SSD Variant Consists of:

    • 512GB SSD.
    • 16GB RAM.
    • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640.
    • The color choice for this variant also is restricted to platinum only.
    • This variant is the most expensive among all the other variants, and it costs $2,199.

    This is all you should know about the all new Microsoft’s Surface Laptops. The pre-booking of the Surface Laptops are in progress and hence, if you wish to purchase any of the four variants then, you can place your order on Microsoft’s official website. While placing your order, you can also check out other useful accessories on the website which you must get along with your laptop.

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    How to Make a Minecraft Sever For FREE!


    Want to play Minecraft with friends on a server but don’t want to spend money? Here’s the perfect solution using Dropbox and it’s completely FREE too!

    What all will you need?

    For this tutorial to create a free Minecraft server you will need a few things to start with.

    1. Minecraft for PC
    2. A Dropbox account to upload some server files to it so that you can give other people the access to use your server files. You can create a Dropbox Account from here.
    3. The latest version of Minecraft Server jar.
    4. Hamachi to create a LAN.

    All the download links for the things you’ll need are added at the end of the post for your ease. 

    Steps to create a Minecraft Server for FREE are as follows:

    1. Download the latest Minecraft jar file from the link provided at the end of the post.
    2. Make a new folder with any random name.
    3. Copy the jar file that you’ve downloaded to the folder that you just created.
    4. Start the jar file by double clicking on it, after a while it will create new files and one of them will be a text file called “EULA“.
    5. Open the file and change “eula=false” to “eula=true“.minecraft free sever eula
    6. Now, open the jar file again and setup the server. Then a window will open that should look like the image below:


    Type “Stop” in the text field which is present at the bottom of the right hand and press Enter to Stop the server 

    Now, go to the server folder and right-click on the “server.properties” file. Open this file in a text editor. This is where you can customize your Minecraft Server. After opening the file in a text editor it should look like the image below:

    Setting up Dropbox for the server:

    1. Download the Dropbox application for your computer
    2. Upload all the contents of the server folder to Dropbox.
    3. Now share the credentials (username and password) of this Dropbox account with your friends.

    Whenever you are playing alone, you can fire up the server right from the Dropbox folder and connect to your server.

    But there’s a catch,

    Dropbox will be able to handle one game editing the server folder but complexities occur when two people are editing the server folder at the same time. Read further if you want to play with your friends in real-time via hamachi.

    Playing Minecraft Multiplayer in real-time using Hamachi:

    1. To play with your friends in real-time, you will have to Download Hamachi (Link is provided at the end of the post).
    2. Hamachi allows you to Create Virtual LAN and thus port forwarding is not needed.hamachi
    3. Click on “Create a network” and tell your friends to “Join the network”.
    4. Start the server from Dropbox.
    5. Ask your friends to join the Minecraft server from the game.

    You should know this before you start playing,

    Only one person has to run the server, other people will join the server from the game itself by scanning games running on the LAN. 

    Download links: 

    Dropbox For PC Minecraft Server jar Hamachi

    This way you can easily create a Minecraft server for free and enjoy Minecraft Multiplayer without having to worry about hassle. Let us know below in the comments section about any issue you are facing.

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    AndroRat – Spy On Any Android Easily!!

     What is AndroRAT?

    AndroRAT or Android Remote Access Tool allows users to remotely control another phone and access data, contacts, call logs, messages, and files stored on another phone. It also allows you to obtain phone information like IMEI number and phone location. Here’s a full list of features:

    • Contacts (and all their information)
    • Call logs
    • Messages
    • Location by GPS/Network
    • Monitoring received messages in live
    • Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..)
    • Take a picture from the camera
    • Stream sound from the microphone (or other sources..)
    • Streaming video (for activity based client only)
    • Do a toast
    • Send a text message
    • Give a call
    • Open an URL in the default browser
    • Vibrate the phone

    Things you will need to use AndroRat:

    1. AndroRat – Download Here
    2. A No-IP account.
    3. A DynDNS client (we will be using DUC which is NO-IP’s client)

    Steps to use AndroRat:-

    1. Port forward your router (open port 6667)
    2. Make an account on No-IP
    3. Download DUC from the No-IP website
    4. Open DUC. Log in and click refresh now (important)
    5. Download AndroRat from above link and open AndroRAT Binder after extracting (Don’t forget to disable your antivirus, Windows firewall, and Windows Defender)
    6. In AndroRAT Binder, switch to No-IP tab and enter your credentials of No-IP
    7. Then click update (Press update again if it gives you an error on the first attempt)
    8. Go to build tab (The difference between build and build+bind is that in build only the framework of the malware is created while in build+bind the malware is hidden in the app specified and the victim will not be suspicious of the app)
    9. In IP, enter your hostname from No-IP. In port, enter the port that you have forwarded in step 1. If you don’t want the app icon to appear in the app drawer then check hidden
    10. Before pressing the go button, install Java from here even if you have installed it before – Java
    11. Now press go. You will see a new file “framework.apk” in the AndroRAT folder. This is the malware your victim needs to install. You can upload the malware on free file sharing sites such as ZippyShare or mail it to the victim
    12. Open androrat.jar from the AndroRAT folder. Click on Server->Select Port. And input the port that you forwarded in Step 1. You will need to restart the jar file after this step
    13. When someone installs your malware into their phone, you will see this and will now be able to view their dataThis tutorial is for educational purposes only. I am not responsible for misuse of the apk in any way.
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    Mobdro for iPhone and Android- Free Video Streaming App!

    There are various apps available for smartphones, PCs, and televisions where you can watch shows, movies, videos, etc. online. Some examples of these apps are Hotstar, Netflix, etc. But, have you heard about the app named Mobdro? If you haven’t then, you will get to know all the ins and outs of this app, and if you have already heard about it then, you will get to know more about this app here.

    What is Mobdro and Why you need it?

    So, Mobdro is a live video streaming app which is used by a large number of people around the world. You can watch your favorite TV channels, movies, anything you like on Mobdro for free. Using this app is no rocket science, you can easily learn how to use this app since, it has a user-friendly interface which you will realize the very moment you start using it. Mobdro app is highly recommended for iPhone and Android users. Mobdro for iPhone and Android users is categorized into categories such as sports, music videos, TV shows, tech videos, funny videos, documentary and popular channels, etc.

    You cannot only watch the videos provided in this app but also, download them on whatever device you are using it on. You cannot download this app on Android devices from the Google Play Store since it is not available there due to some unknown reasons.
    You can download the APK of this app from official website if it’s developers and then, install it on your Android device and start using it. If you haven’t downloaded any APK on yours. Are you a traveler? Why Not Check Out 4 Must-Have Mobile Apps When Travelling

    Android device till date then, you must follow the steps listed below before you install the APK for Mobdro.

    1. Get into Settings
    2. Here, in the personal section tap on “Security.”
    3. Check the Device Administration section and enable “Unknown Sources”.
    Using Mac or Windows? Check out Audials MovieBox 2017 for video streaming

    The free version of Mobdro app for Android users provides them with features such as:

    1. Search any video, and it will display most appropriate results within seconds.
    2. Get a list of all the popular shows with one click.
    3. If you wish to share any particular video with your friends then, you can easily via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.
    4. Download the videos so that you can watch them later when you are offline.


    Mobdro For iPhone

    The Premium version of Mobdro app for Android users provides with features such as:

    1. You will get rid of all the ads which interrupt you while watching any video.
    2. You can download videos in a completely different format and watch them whenever you wish to.
    3. The premium version enables the chrome cast support so that you can watch the videos by connecting your android device to your television.
    4. You can sort your videos based on topics with the help of organizing options such as streamwise and time wise.
    5. You can more bookmark your channels so that you can quickly open it when you launch Mobdro app.
    6. The premium version of this app comes with a sleep timer so that, the app automatically turns off based on the time you set for it to turn off.
    Mobdro Layout

    You can try the free version, and if you feel like using it then, you must upgrade to its premium version to unlock the more such amazing features which Mobdro app has to offer you.

    However, it is not so easy even for the iPhone users since this app is not available on iTunes to download directly from. Cinema box app is an excellent alternative for Mobdro app in case of iPhone users. Downloading this app in your iPhone is similar to downloading any other app from iTunes.

    The steps which you need to follow to install Cinema Box app on your iPhone are listed below: 
    1. Launch the iTunes store.
    2. Sign in with your Apple id when prompted.
    3. Search for the app which is named as ‘Cinema Box
    4. Hit on install to initiate the downloading and installing process of the cinema box app.

    But, if you want to download Mobdro for iPhone you will have to visit the official Mobdro site to download it and then, install it on your iPhone. The features provided by this app for iPhone users is same as those provided to the Android users. Even here, there is a free and a premium version. The premium version unleashes some of the most useful features which not many other similar apps provide you with.

    This is all you need to know about Mobdro for iPhone and Android before you start using this app to watch your favorite shows or movies. If we happened to miss out on any such important information then, please let us know in the comments section below.

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    #5 Best Laptop Accessories you must have!

    Laptops are one of the greatest inventions man has ever made. It got us rid of the bulky computers. You can carry your laptop in long journeys, crowded gatherings and much more such places where using your computer is impossible. Laptops are compact computers. Hence, they are quite delicate as compared to the computers and also, they offer a much better experience when you add some external accessories to it! There are a number of accessories which you can add to your basket for your laptop but here, we are going to list only the most useful accessories which you must have and which will enhance the performance of your laptop. So let’s take a look at these accessories and see what better they do for your laptop.

    #1 Laptop Tables

    Placing the laptop on your lap all the time you are working on it is not very ideal. Also, if your laptop is above 1.5kgs then using it for more than an hour would be tiring and also it can cause a major problem in the long run. Are you a blogger or an entrepreneur? Then check out the Best Laptops for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

    Laptop Accessory - Laptop Table
    Laptop Accessory – Laptop Table 1
    Laptop Accessory - Laptop Table
    Laptop Accessory – Laptop Table 2

    Read about the Perfect Guide to Install Chrome OS on your laptop!

    #2 USB accessories

    There are not as many ports as required in every laptop. There are expansion ports which are available that allow you to connect various external devices on your laptop. You can also have devices connected such as a card reader, an extra audio jack, HDMI cable, and even a LAN port sometimes. These USB accessories will surely increase the functionality of your laptop considerably.
    Laptop Accessory - USB Port
    Laptop Accessory – USB Port

    #3 Skins for laptop

    You can easily enhance the looks of your laptop by using a fancy skin for your laptop. The skins are more of a decoration for your laptop than an accessory but, it makes the laptop look much better when it is covered with an intelligently designed skin.
    Laptop Accessories
    Laptop Skins

    #4 Wireless mouses/mice, controllers and keyboards.

    The mouse in a laptop comes in the form of a touchpad. Using this mouse is sometimes very annoying since you have to touch and drag many times to move the cursor from one corner to another. In such cases, the wireless mouse comes to a good use. You just need to connect your wireless mouse to your laptop and start using it. Controllers provide you with the best gaming experience and hence, you can choose the best controller for an even better gaming experience. Keyboards can be an additional accessory that one can use in case their keyboard stops functioning or if he/she uses the laptop as a source to power their setups.
    Laptop Accessories
    Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
    Laptop Accessories
    Wireless Controller

    #5 Sleeves and Bags

    You need to make sure that your laptop is safe from all the scratches and dents while you are carrying it from place to place. You can make use of sleeves. Sleeves are nothing but a cover for your laptop. You cannot stuff anything else than a laptop in it. While, if you get a bag, you can not only place your laptop in it but also, it’s charger and other accessories. The laptop bags have a special compartment which have suicidal padding for the safety of laptops and keeps it locked in one place.
    Laptop Accessories - Bag
    Laptop Bag
    Laptop Accessories
    Laptop Sleeve

    Some More Laptop Accessories that you can use to increase productivity:

    If you have a laptop and want to extend your workspace and want more than a single screen laptop, then you can use Slidenjoy, which has two extra screens that’ll get attached to your laptop and work as a three screen setup. Also, this setup will be portable and great for graphic designers. You can read our review: – Slidenjoy Review: Your Solution to Multiple Laptop Screen Setup!

    Nowadays, touch screen tech is spreading all over the tech world; we have Laptops too with a touchscreen, but what if your’s doesn’t support a touch? In this case, you can get an AirBar which sits below your laptop screen and can make any laptop a touchscreen one. Turn Any Laptop To Touch Screen With AirBar.

    These were some of the must have accessories for your laptop which we could find for you. If we have missed out on any such useful accessory which should have been in the list above then, please let us know in the comments section.